Freight Receiving Procedure & Freight Damage Policy and Reporting Procedure

As a PCM customer, you are a receiving agent for Pacific Coast Manufacturing. Your signature on a delivering carrier’s freight receipt constitutes acceptance of the merchandise “as is” and in good order. If you do not inspect before signing you are, for all practical purposes, waiving “PCM’s” right to collect on a damage claim even if the damage is “concealed”.

*Remember, once you sign, the merchandise and the responsibility is yours!


Check immediately for possible damage during shipment. The National Claims Council Regulations specify that you must:

1.    Inspect, examine and inventory your delivery, as it is unloaded.

a. Any and all shortages and damages MUST be written on the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill. Should you determine that any items are damaged or missing, you MUST note the item, the discrepancy, and the condition, on the receiver, BOL, or Freight Bill before you sign it! Then call 909-627-7040 or the buyer with whom you were working and report the problem.

b. You should open cartons and containers. If there is the slightest doubt that the merchandise is damaged (concealed or not) it must be noted on the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill or the liability to prove the damage was done by the delivering carrier.

c. Do not be intimidated by the driver. They cannot leave until the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill is signed

(Regardless of how much in a hurry they are or how late they are).


2. Discovered Damage – if the box, crate, or merchandise is visibly damaged, refuse the delivery and request a Return Authorization number so the merchandise can be shipped back to its origin at no charge.


3. Concealed Damage – In the event of concealed damage, you MUST immediately document and photograph (if possible) the packaging and the damage. You must keep the packaging. Do not remove the item. Call 909-627-7040 or the buyer with whom you were working and report the damage. They will begin a concealed damage claim and ask for an inspection. The inspector will determine if the damage was possibly carrier caused. Remember you signed the document saying everything was OK. A report must be filed with the carrier within 15 days after delivery and a claim filed with the carrier. The sooner concealed damage is discovered and reported, the better.


Further measures that may help in the claim process include the following:

1. Taking digital photos of the damage. If possible, photographs of the equipment still on the truck will limit the buyer’s liability.

2. Call 909-627-7040 or the buyer with whom you were working to report the damage and request they start a claim. Preferably, the call should be made before the driver leaves the site.

3. Request an inspector.

4. Keep a copy of the Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill noting the damage and the driver’s signature


Many things can happen between the manufacturer and your loading dock. Therefore, we are asking you to do a very small amount of work to protect both of us. The Bill Of Lading or Freight Bill is our only documentation of the condition of a load when it arrives at your site. Without this proof, we cannot hold others accountable for items damaged or missing.


Thank you for your help and understanding

Pacific Coast Manufacturing Management